July 12, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Behind the Scenes

So, you’re an author; your book is about to come out.  One morning, you get this pin in the mail:

What’s going on?

Your book has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection.

What is Junior Library Guild, you ask?

Do you know how your local library chooses the books they keep on their shelves?  If they have enough money to hire a selection staff, they may have people who read the advance copies, review journals, online reviews of forthcoming books and make every single purchasing decision for the library themselves, based on the quality and popularity of the upcoming books plus the tastes of their library’s readership.

If your local library doesn’t have enough money to hire people just to buy their books, maybe they subscribe to JLG!  Libraries without an acquiring staff can give JLG their demographic information and their budget, and JLG will send them a selection of just-in-stores books every month.

And bonus, JLG are big fans of graphic novels.  That means that if your library subscribes to JLG, even if your local librarian hasn’t heard of Bone, JLG just might send it to you anyways.  Through JLG, graphic novels are getting into libraries in small towns all across the United States!

A number of First Second’s books have been selected by JLG — it’s a wonderful way to get books to libraries that may not otherwise learn about them.

Yay that!

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