August 13, 2015
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Behind the Scenes


(my Fall 2015 review copy shelf right now)

Sometimes the books we publish aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

That’s something we’re actually pretty okay with.  We publish a whole bunch of books, over a number of different age levels and genres, addressing lots of different subject matter.  If you are a person who likes both girl outer space adventure and adult nonfiction, that’s awesome — but we don’t really expect that everyone who reads one of our graphic novels will like them all.  And those are two opposite ends of the scale — we know readers whose tastes are even more specific than that, enjoying nonfiction biographies but not political ones; enjoying kid space adventure but only girl space adventure.

That’s all fine!  We’re glad if you like our books — and our publishing program — but liking our books and our publishing program doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy every single thing that we publish.  If you just enjoy some of our books and are completely oblivious to our publishing program, that’s fine, too.

We do send out review copies, and because our books are a very varied lot, that sometimes means a reviewer will get something that seems up their alley, but is not to their taste.  And sometimes they review it anyways, pointing out the flaws.

Obviously, we prefer positive reviews of our books.  But (almost) no book is perfect, and there are lots of different literary tastes out there in the world.  We understand that not liking books is something that happens, and we don’t vow revenge against people who just can’t make that connection with one of our titles, even if we’ve sent them the book in the first place.  Getting a book in the mail does not come with an obligation to like it, or to review it positively (or at all)!

So, dear reviewers, there is no need to e-mail and apologize profusely for reviewing something negatively.  Sometimes it happens!  If you can just refrain from actively insulting us and the author, we promise we will still speak to you in the future.

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