October 25, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Behind the Scenes

. . . and then we didn’t write you back.

(photo from the US National Archives.  This bird is just as alone as you are, in your e-mail-writing solitude.  Perhaps you can keep each other company.)


(a list of ten possible reasons)

1. Your e-mail is requiring some thought.  After we have had time to think about it, we’ll get back to you.  (Depending on what kind of thought you are requiring, this may take anywhere from a day to several months.)

2. We’re on vacation.

3. You’re asking for something (a book, some materials, etc.) that we don’t have in the office now, but should shortly.  We’ll be e-mailing you then.

4. Your e-mail had an attachment over 8MB.  Our e-mail provider bounced it.

5. You’re e-mailing to ask about something that we’re going to have to ask some other people about to get an accurate answer.  We’ll be e-mailing you back eventually.

6. We’re at a show.

7. We’ve got two books to get to the printer, an author tour to plan, and fifty people e-mailed us this morning before you did.  Once we’ve dealt with that, you’ll be hearing from us.

8. Your e-mail was in a language we didn’t understand, so we assumed it wasn’t for us.

9. You’re a printer we don’t already work with, a person e-mailing us about our electric bill, about advertising, about acquiring something from us that we don’t sell, or someone who has sent a mass-e-mail advertisement for their services.  We took a look at your e-mail and assumed you probably sent it to us by mistake.

10. We deleted your e-mail by accident.

Maybe try again?

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