April 4, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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I was thinking about cute things this week, because it is apparently spring but life is nonetheless full of snow and therefore I am in need of cuteness.  Thus: booklist. 


I am trying not to be envious of Yotsuba&! in this cover because clearly she is having spring.  But nonetheless: she is super-cute!  And not just because she has adorable green hair.  She's like the incarnation of all possible curious children.

French Milk

This comic includes whole pages of drawings of adorable manatees.  Also: France!  Rating: super-cute. 


Aw, he's so adorable with his little pajama-costume!  And his dog has a matching one and it isn't creepy!  Yay for Bumperboy!


Let me tell you why this comic (now, sadly, out of print) is simultaneously cute and awesome.  You see how the people on the cover of this book all have manga-large-eyes?  That is actually not because they are being drawn to be super-manga-y-cute.  It is because they are part loch ness monster!  Cuteness included in the plot!! Craziness!!!


This comic is cute because Sonny Liew's art is always cute.  That is just how things work. He even draws cute post-apocalyptic battle scenes!  It is not really clear how he does it. 

Chis Sweet Home v1

Manga + cats = cute

RobotDreams copy

Look, a heart-warming story about friendship!  Sara Varon's art and quiet storytelling manages to make even the heart-break that happens in this story cute.


Andi Watson's girl fantastical adventures in England are possibly the cutest thing since sliced bread.

Also I understand there are cute comics on the internet?  To be explored.

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  • tim warnes | July 3rd, 2011 6:38 pm

    I do a cute comic! – (http://chalkandcheesecomics.blogspot.com)- based on my picture book ‘Chalk & Cheese’, which features comic strip devices. My young son loved me to read comic strips to him, which inspired the book’s format, whilst he inspired the central character. I agree, ‘Yotsuba&!’ is great – I’d also recommend the picture books of Posy Simmonds, in particular ‘Famous Fred’, ‘Baker Cat’ and ‘Lavender’. Check out my web comic strip (starts 11th July) and see if it’s cute (and cool) enough for you!

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