January 7, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

You know something I'm really bad at?


I think it is because I do not have the proper attitude; a good limerick requires a somewhat bawdy thought process, which is not really my work-brain specialty. 

Nonetheless!  In honor of the new year, I am going to endeavor to write a limerick a week, one about each of the books that First Second has published.  We shall see how this goes; perhaps by the end of the year, I shall be better at limericks.  Or else killed by the internet's poetry fans. 

(If you are shocked and alarmed by the thought of poorly written limericks from my upright-thinking brain, feel free to e-mail me and contribute your own: )

And now!  Limerick #1: Adventures in Cartooning


There was a hotheaded young knight

Who longed to get in a fight

But fights come with learning

And she wished with great yearning

That she could just hit something with all of her might. 

(Terrible, right?  Though, I defy you to do something even a little bit lewd with this book!  It does not lend itself to it at all — most inconvenient!)

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