September 6, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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A Year in Pictures of Books

So when I posted earlier this week about how we had all the books we’re publishing in 2012 in the office, I didn’t realize that meant that I could take pictures of them all for everyone!  And then I did, so, pictures!

Having come to this realization, I then pulled out copies of all our 2012 books from my bookshelf (and went downstairs to steal a copy of Friends With Boys from Mark; my copies keep disappearing and he always has a stack; how can this be?) and scattered them about the floor in a diagrammatically organized sort of way.

Just looking at this picture, I can say it’s been a good year, even though we’re just embarking on the third half of it now.  Our books are so attractive!  And the inside bits are good too.

Then. . . .

It turns out that as well as having front covers, our books also have back covers.  Crazy, right?  So I flipped them all over.  All the books in this picture is in the same place as the picture above, in case you can’t identify any of these books by back cover alone.

Let’s play spot-the-books-with-flaps-by-assessing-how-much-copy-is-crammed-into-their-back-covers, shall we?

Also I just love the cover of Tune: Vanishing Point.  It looks so good!  We just got this book in, and I keep having to turn it over to admire the back.

Books have another part other than fronts and backs — spines!  They are very picture-able.

I’m so amused about how Sailor Twain is the thickest book we’re publishing this year (and also ever so far).  It could totally make two of any of the other books in this line-up.

Our designer Colleen designs such pretty spines!  These all look lovely; don’t you think they should just be hanging out on your bookshelf together all the time, forever?  We do!

Happy 2012 First Second reading!

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