May 15, 2007
Posted by: Danica Novgorodoff
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“Is it so bad to grow up Asian in America? One might be forgiven for asking upon encountering “American Born Chinese,” a graphic novel that, with its dark exploration of Asian-American adolescence, won last year’s Michael L. Printz Award for young adult literature and was also a finalist in its genre for a National Book Award…. Gene Luen Yang has created that rare article: a youthful tale with something new to say about American youth.”

Read the rest of the article in The New York Times Book Review.

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  • Logo Design | August 29th, 2011 4:28 am

    It’s like we’re living in a comic-book “melting pot” right now — creators are coming up with new styles and ideas by sampling other culture’s comic traditions. There’s bound to be some awkward experimentation coming from this, but there’s also bound to be a steady stream of AMAZING work from these creators.

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