April 5, 2016
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books


Happy Book Birthday to Faith Erin Hicks’ wonderful new graphic novel!

When our author Faith Erin Hicks started reading comics, she found and loved Jeff Smith’s Bone — and then looked for other books that had the same kind of fantasy adventure she loved in the prose writing of Tamora Pierce and Lloyd Alexander.  We’re so glad that she’s working in comics today and building up more of an audience for this kind of delightful story that there’s so much of in prose and almost none of (especially for a kids audience) in comics.

The Nameless City tells the story of friendship, and cultural change, and parkour, and figuring out your family and your society’s expectations.  It’s about two people trying to figure out their place in a changing world, and about the world that’s changing around them.  Also, there are a lot of roofs.  Lots and lots of roofs.

This book is fantastic

The Nameless City is in stores today, and we hope that you all read and enjoy it!

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