July 15, 2014
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books


We’re over the moon that Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew’s graphic novel, The Shadow Hero, is in stores today.

In this fantastic book, Gene and Sonny really take on the idea of what it means to be a superhero, and who gets to be one — especially in the early days of the superhero comic.

With Gene’s amazing writing and Sonny’s fantastic art, this is a book you just can’t miss!

3 Comments on “ Happy Book Birthday to The Shadow Hero! ”

  • Tom | July 19th, 2014 12:55 am

    Is this going to be a monthly series? It has a lot of potential to become something big ^_^

  • Narayan | September 25th, 2014 2:41 am

    oh WOW! i have to say i never come to your blog with out beeing blow away with your aminzag creations! totally love your use of colour and textures! your a true inmspiration leeanne! {HUGS}

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