July 5, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

(I know: shocking, right?)


(from the National Library of Scotland)

One of the most frequent incorrect statements I hear about First Second is:

"First Second — they publish graphic novels for kids."

(This is actually a technically correct statement.  We do publish graphic novels for kids.  Just . . . not exclusively.)

Here's a quick (and incomplete) catalog for you: The Photographer, The Fate of the Artist, Booth, Dawnland, Koko Be Good, Three Shadows, Slow Storm, and the upcoming Feynman

We publish a lot of great graphic novels for kids and teenagers that we are very fond of.  But we also love publishing adult books — covering the whole spectrum of ages of people who can read graphic novels.  Because what's the good of publishing comics for kids that are lovely if there aren't comics for the aforementioned children to read when they get older? 

(And also where's the fun in publishing the same things all the time?  It makes my job 10x more interesting when I have to go talk to the Children's Book Council one minute and then the American Journal of Physics the next.)

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