September 16, 2010
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books


Every now and then you need a shoot-em-up space alien-related piece of media of some sort (whether it be book or movie or theater). 

That's what Kaput & Zosky is.  

Kaput and Zosky (the title characters) are space invaders.  Their only problem?  They're very, very, very stupid.  (Also they have bad luck, but I feel that this is not really a problem that it is possible to actually solve.)  This makes them very poor at being space invaders, which is sad for them, because they really like their jobs!

How stupid are they?

Well, in the course of the first ten pages, Kaput and Zosky are: scared out of invading an entire planet by a flea; order an entire planet of people to puke on them, and accidentally become Kings (it doesn't last). 

My favorite part of this book?  Watching small children read it! 

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