April 3, 2014
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

We just got in super advance copies from the printer of Emmanuel Guibert’s upcoming graphic novel biography How the World Was.  This book is a companion to our 2008 title Alan’s War — they’re both about the same man.  But while Alan’s War is about a man and his trials in World War II, this book is the story of that same man’s childhood as he grows up in California during the depression.

It’s really fascinating!

So: cover!  This is an adaptation of the French cover for this book.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 001

And spine!  I love how the spine of this book has a little sailor kid on it.  So adorable!

HowtheWorldWas_Books 003

Front flap!  I love the type our designer has used here and on the title.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 006

The first signature of this book is done in flat colors, illustrating the California skies.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 008

But the rest of the book is all done in black and white.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 009

Back flap!  And also copyright information.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 007

And here’s the back cover — with praise for Alan’s War.

HowtheWorldWas_Books 004

How the World Was is on sale in August.

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