June 8, 2015
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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New book!

We just got advance copies of Maris Wick’s wonderful upcoming nonfiction graphic novel Human Body Theater in the office!  They look fantastic and amazing.  Bright!  Colorful!  Stuffed full of science!

Here is the cover.  You guys!  It’s a theater!  And all the body parts are the players.


We did a hardcover and a paperback version of this book — here are the two covers together.  (You’ll note that they look pretty similar.)


Here is the spine.  I love the type treatment!  And the skeleton.


Here are several spines all together — many skeletons!  Many body parts.


The front flap has a tiny brain!  You guys: it’s eating brain food.


Here’s the title page — again with the awesome body-parts title treatment.


In the beginning. . . .


Here are some more adorable (and very tiny!) body parts.


The inside back flap has an X-Ray!


And here’s the back cover.


With the hardcover edition — unlike the front cover, you’ll notice that these two look very different.


We can’t wait to share Human Body Theater with you.  This book will be in stores in October.

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  • Robin Nyzio | June 8th, 2015 6:10 pm

    This book looks mighty enticing! So happy to hear Maris Wicks speak at the SLJ Day of Dialog on May 27 in NYC. Didn’t get a book signed by her that day because her line was SO long!! Lots of fans who wanted her personalized touch along with her signature!

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