January 16, 2014
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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You may remember a book that we published back in 2011 that then went on to win an Eisner Award — Vera Brosgol’s excellent spooky supernatural YA story Anya’s Ghost.

This winter, our parent company’s paperback imprint, Square Fish, will be putting out a new edition of it!

But the first edition of Anya’s Ghost was already paperback, you may say.  Why does there need to be a new edition?

First Second trade paperbacks tend to be something called (in our super-professional industry nomenclature) ‘deluxe trade paperbacks.’  They have very high quality paper stock, they have flaps, sometimes they have effects (like embossing or debossing or spot gloss) on the cover.  And that’s all great — we want the books we publish at First Second to be physical objects that you’d want to own, and all of those effects are a part of that.

But!  Sometimes when we’ve had a book that’s a success (especially when it’s a book for kids), we think, hey.  Let’s see if we can work with our parent company’s paperback imprint to put out a lower cost edition that small and medium-sized children will be able to afford on their own and also that will be more affordable for teachers buying classroom sets!  (You may remember that there’s also a Square Fish edition of American Born Chinese.)

So how is this new Square Fish edition of Anya’s Ghost different from the original?

We have some pictures to explain!

Here are the covers of the two editions together — the Square Fish edition is on the left.  See how it looks a little smaller?  It is!  The original First Second edition is 6 x 8 1/2 inches.  The Square Fish edition is 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches.  (Looking at these two books, you might think the color is different, too — that’s just what happens when you send the same files to a different printer, not an actual change.)


Here are the two back covers.  You can see that the design of these two is basically the same; they just have some different copy.


Why do they have different copy, you may ask?

The Square Fish edition has no flaps, which you can see from the picture of the inside front cover below.  Generally, at First Second, when we’ve got a book with flaps, we leave the cover very design-y and put content like the book summary and an author bio on the flaps.  But you can see with the Square Fish edition of Anya’s Ghost (below on the bottom), they’ve taken off the flaps and replaced the half title page (which in the top book says ‘Anya’s Ghost‘) with a page of praise.


From there, the First Second edition goes right into the book — which you can see in the picture below.  But the Square Fish edition (on the bottom) continues on with praise (this book got kind of a lot of praise — it took two pages to fit it all in)!  Only then does it go on to the half title page.


Here’s what the title page of the Square Fish edition of Anya’s Ghost looks like.  Two logos!


The Square Fish edition also includes an author Q&A (with a charming picture of the author).


And here’s the inside back cover, which also has no flaps.  You can see in the top First Second edition, the book has an author bio — in the bottom Square Fish edition, that author bio has been printed right on the cover.  Plus there’s an Anya and Ghost cameo on the final page!


And: spines!  This is probably the best picture to demonstrate how different the size of these two books is.


The Square Fish paperback edition of Anya’s Ghost will be in stores in March.  If you haven’t checked out this book yet, this is the perfect opportunity!

(Thanks to MacKids publicist Mary Van Akin for the book-holding assist!)

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  • Rodrigo | November 23rd, 2014 10:12 am

    man, i wish i had read this earlier!
    i did get a chance to buy the square fish edition, but the first second one looks so spiffy!

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