February 21, 2013
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

We’re very excited to be publishing a Medieval adventure of love and loss and Knights Templar on the hunt for stolen/missing treasure: Templar, by Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, and Alex Puvilland.

This book may seem familiar to you if you’ve been following along with First Second for a few years now.  Our original intent was to publish Templar as a trilogy, but after releasing the first book (Solomon’s Thieves), we thought better of it (see: Publishers Are Only Human), and now instead of a trilogy, we have one giant book that collects all three ‘volumes,’ including Solomon’s Thieves.

We just got in final books, and they look stunning!

Here’s the cover (as usual, designed by our A+ designer Colleen AF Venable — she did a fantastic job on this one).


And here’s the back cover.  These images are from medieval French tombs (which, obviously, feature into the book).


And here’s the spine.  You guys, this book is going to be giant.


I am emphasizing the giant-ness of this book by taking a picture of all the signatures in it.  There are so many!  It’s crazy.


Here’s the unwrapped case, with the title on the spine printed in foil.  It’s very shiny, and looks great!


Here’s the front flap — introducing the Knights Templar!


And the back flap, which has authors (and ravens) instead of knights.


And some interior pages — you can see here where the figures on the back cover came from.


This interior includes the title page for the third ‘volume’ of the book — again with the dead tomb-based people.


And here’s a final interior.


Templar comes out in July.  We can’t wait!

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