October 24, 2013
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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Do you love Derek Kirk Kim’s graphic novel Same Difference, a story about growing up and going home again and about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

We do too!  That’s why we published a new version of it back in 2011 (it has an awesome acetate cover so that the fish are on the outside and the people are on the inside).

Now Same Difference is the first graphic novel ever to be selected as a World Book Night title!


What is World Book Night?

World Book Night is a great annual celebration of books and reading!

Basically what happens is that people (and businesses) apply to be givers (you can do that here), and they distribute books to people who may not be regularly reading (like people at the supermarket! or on the subway!).  World Book Night has a specific-and-limited set of books that they send to all their givers, and they produce special WBN editions of those books.  They give out over half a million books in the US — and double that around the world.

That’s pretty awesome!  We’re big fans of books and reading over here at First Second (you might’ve been able to tell about this since we’re a book publisher), and this is such a great way to get all those people who have forgotten how awesome books are to give them another try.  We’re thrilled that World Book Night has chosen to include a graphic novel in their offerings this year for the first time ever, and we’re so happy they love Derek Kirk Kim’s Same Difference as much as we do!

Derek says, “I’m honored to have Same Difference included in World Book Night – it’s amazing to be the author of the first ever graphic novel to be included in this great celebration of books and reading.  When I first wrote Same Difference back in 2003, it was my first book, and I never expected all the places it would take me.  I’m thrilled to find that now, over a decade later, the story is still reaching new readers.”

We headed out to the World Book Night announcement ceremony last night to see the books for this year’s list announced in person!  Here’s Carl Lennertz, the director of World Book Night, and Calvin Reid, announcing that Same Difference is on this year’s list!

WorldBookNight 008

And here’s PW‘s Calvin Reid with his copy of Derek’s Same Difference (and an excellent shirt).

WorldBookNight 011

This year World Book Night will be on April 23rd.

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