May 30, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

SOOF 006 small rough

We don't do very-far-ahead previews often, because mostly we find it more useful to talk about things that are at least in the going-to-be-here-soon realm.  But I'm making an exception for Nate Powell, because:

1) Nate Powell is awesome.

2) He is having an art show which is now, so it would not be any use to tell you about it when his book is coming out (in January 2012).

So!  If you are in the improbable location of Bloomington, Indiana and desire to see some Nate Powell art, you should head over to The Owlery and there will be some there for you all the month of June.  There's an opening on the 3rd from 10pm – 1am, so you might stop by that as well. 

(Also, this book!  It's going to be very good.)

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