May 2, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Events


We are not going to be exhibiting at TCAF this year, which makes us very sad, as we like it so.  But in lieu of that, there are going to be many :01 personages there for you to interact with.  So you should do that, especially as they are awesome. 

:01 Books You Will Be Able to Acquire Copies of from Their Creators In Exchange for Cookies And/Or Successful Answering of Trivia Questions:




(Why buy comics with money when you can instead acquire them through trivia-knowledge & comics-related quests?  Something to consider.)

Also in attendance at TCAF this year are :01 Editor Calista Brill and :01 Designer Colleen AF Venable.  So if you are coming to TCAF and have burning :01-related questions that cannot be communicated via our mail@ e-mail account, keep a sharp eye out for them!

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