July 17, 2013
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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We’re off to San Diego . . . well, today!  And that should be a lot of fun.

We’re going to be pretty busy at the show — you may have seen our schedule.  That’s wonderful for us!  But unfortunately it means that we may not have all the time in the world to talk to all the convention-goes to stop by our table.

So — if you’re attending the show as a fan and you want to have more of an interaction with a publisher you like than, ‘yup, that seems to be a publisher!’, what are some things you can strike up a short conversation about?

Good Things to Talk About to Publishers at Busy Conventions (A Brief Suggestion List)

1. “I would like to buy a book!” (always appreciated!)

2. “What is your author signing schedule?”

3. “Can you tell me a little about your company?”  (Please expect a two – three sentence answer to this question, not a half-hour answer.)

4. “I really liked that BOOK X that you published!”

5. “Are you going to be publishing more by AUTHOR X whose book you published that I really liked?”

6. “Is there anything I should be looking forward to that you’ll be publishing this fall?”

Not-Very-Good Things to Talk About to Publishers at Busy Conventions (A Brief Suggestion List)

1. Long, open-ended/philosophical questions: “Where do you get your ideas?” “What is your publishing philosophy?” “Is the meaning of life really 42?”

2. “Can you give me an assessment of the graphic novel marketplace from your perspective?”

3. “I read your blog post about submissions/interns/jobs, and I want to tell you about how I disagree with your policies.”

4. Any comment about the personal appearance of staff members.  (Comments about how Editor Calista Brill’s purple hair is awesome are excluded from this category of comments.)

5. “Let me tell you about myself at great length!”

See you tonight!  We will do our very best to cheerfully answer all your questions.

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