July 24, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Events

So!  We went to San Diego Comic-Con, and emerged relatively unscathed, with clean hearts, minds, and all of our limbs attached — really as much as anyone could hope for.

While at the show, we got to hang out with some of our wonderful authors — Jorge Aguirre, Vera Brosgol, Cecil Castellucci, Tony Cliff, Chris Duffy, Zack Giallongo, Derek Kirk Kim, Matt Kindt, Shawn Martinbrough, Scott McCloud, Greg Means, Scott Peterson, JT Petty, Lark Pien, Thien Pham, Nate Powell, MK Reed, Rafael Rosado, Dave Roman, Steven Seagle, Jen Wang, and also there was hanging out with some people who we aren’t publishing, though they are presumably very nice as well.

Plus!  Cameo appearance from the characters from the graphic novel Giants Beware!  We did not expect them, but they came to hang out with their authors while there was a signing at our booth.

Then we had some more signings, with:

The excellent Zack Giallongo, author of Broxo.  And. . .

The highly-regarded Nate Powell, who brought along original art for us to ooo and aaah over.

Also Vera Brosgol won an Eisner Award for her graphic novel Anya’s Ghost!  Here is a picture of her doing that:

All in all, a very successful show.  If we saw you there, well, it was great to see you there!  And we hope you enjoy the books.

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