May 14, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Events


I run the programming for TCAF, so when people at our parent company ask me how the convention went my general response has been, 'All the programming happened!  Pretty much on time!  And people came to it!' 

I realize that this may not be a good summary of the show as a whole, though. 

Possibly my favorite thing about TCAF is that it is full of things.

You know how you sometimes go places (be they comics conventions or water parks or family reunions) and they are scheduled to be X amount of time long, but actually you are done in X amount of time minus 2 hours and you just have to grin and bear it for those last two hours or else leave?

Between the variety of authors, the new books at the show, the amount of evening events (I left on Monday afternoon, and there were still going to be three different things that night!), the art on display, and the programming, there are many things to look at all of the time.  Guaranteed.  And there is an excellent balance between traditional things and new/cool things, so that you may buy your favorite graphic novelist's fourth book and then acquire a mini-comic from someone you've never heard of before. 

In summary: TCAF yay!

Also: in Canada they have these things that are like spiral-y rolled-up cinnamon rolls, except that instead of being sweet and full of butter and sugar and cinnamon and sometimes nuts or raisins, they are savory and have pesto and cheese in the spiral-y rolled-up bit.  New 2012 goal: figure out how to make these at home!

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