August 23, 2005
Posted by: Mark Siegel
Categories: Favorite Scenes

Continuing with the Sfar fest, here’s his entry in our popular FAVORITES feature:


Terryandpirates_2 Terry2

“My favourite scene in a comic book is the following: The hero of Terry and The Pirates is asleep on a chinese boat, there is the moon, the waves, the silent calm of night in black and white. And the mean dark haired femme fatale dressed in satin kisses his lips while he sleeps.

And WE read this strip and we know he had the chance to kiss this wonderful person and well she actually gave him a kiss and he doesn’t even know. Would he have been awakened he would have refused because this good guy never kisses bad girls and we read this book and could just die. And we are in love.

I also revere this Will Eisner’s splash page: “Hi, myname is P’Gell and this is not a story for little kids” or something like that.


I love when the Thing goes back to Yancee Street wearing sunglasses.


I love Hugo Pratt’s Treasure Island.” — Joann SFAR


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