November 23, 2011
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Food and Drink


Soup has got to be one of the worst snacks every because it is extremely unportable.  It is liquid!  It sloshes!  You cannot turn it upside-down without peril!

However.  It is now becoming fall, so I am desirous of eating soup just about all the time, as it is warm and typically full of delicious vegetables and possibly grains of some sort if you are really lucky. 

Hale & Hearty opened up down the street from us this year, and they are a store that sells soup for lunch.  That's basically all they do; you go there, they give you soup.  Much soup.  Today's menu, for example, has nineteen different kinds.  It is difficult indeed to believe that much soup exists simultaneously, but they somehow manage to pull it off regardless.

My favorite so far?  They do a soup that is basically liquid mashed potatoes with four kinds of cheese.  So delicious!  And also a delightful afternoon snack with sourdough bread. 

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