March 8, 2012
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Food and Drink


(image ganked from here)

You guys!

There's a truck that makes waffles that has come to our building for every morning of the past two weeks that I have remembered to notice it.  This is such an exciting thing, because, waffles!  Are they not superior breakfast foods?  Especially when one puts chocolate and fruit and sometimes more chocolate on top of them? 

(Also the truck itself is most excellent, being yellow and rectangular and mysteriously both arriving and disappearing every day, which makes me suspect it is akin to the gingerbread houses of witches, except in a non-lethal sort of way.)

In short: wafles & dinges, I recommend them. 

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    This is such an interesting factor, because, waffles! Are they not excellent morning meal foods? Especially when one places dark delicious chocolate and fruit and sometimes more dark delicious chocolate on top of them?

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