September 24, 2008
Posted by: Mark Siegel
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Nisha Gopalan writes at about First Second’s 2009 title STUFFED by Glenn Eichler and Nick Bertozzi:

The other day, comic illustrator Nick Bertozzi (”The Salon”) slyly leaked a few pages of “Stuffed,” his comics collaboration with “Colbert Report” writer, Glenn Eichler, on his LiveJournal. Here’s what we saw: a chubby, middle-aged, long-haired, bearded dude falling out of bed; and later, said slacker explaining how he drilled a hole in his own head to free his mind, man. Is this the Lebowski sequel we’ve all been waiting for!?

Not exactly. But as we learned from recent Emmy recipient Eichler (who previously worked on MTV’s “Beavis & Butthead” and “Daria”), his graphic novel — like that seminal movie — is indeed imbued with dark comedy, cerebral subtext, and a lingering sense of existential unease.

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And see Nick Bertozzi’s early glimpse of the book here!

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