February 21, 2007
Posted by: Mark Siegel
Categories: News

For addicts of the LOST TV show, there’s some interesting fodder at Matt Madden’s blog, about a strangely oddly mysterious connection between LOST and MOOMIN. Almost as freaky as Hurley’s numbers.

Oh boy, I have some catching up to do on the blog…

Right now it’s been crazy preparing for the end of the week, at the NEW YORK COMICON — Danica and Kat have been cutting out cardboard figures of Tiny Tyrant and the Lost Colony, and a bunch of neat looking signs for our booth. They have this impish glee about them, and look like they never want to put down the scissors and glue or return to a desk. Gina is feverishly preparing the myriad little things needed for a tradeshow, and I’ve been crash-learning iMovie and iDVD for the last 24 hours, to put our animated trailers online, as well as little slideshow of the whole First Second Collection. Learning any software has a way of sucking your brains into a blackhole, have you noticed? That’s where I’ve been.

If you’re anywhere near Manhattan this weekend, hope you’ll come and see our produce… We’re at BOOTH #566.

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