Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the blog that time forgot. You’ve been here a few times, O Visitor, and found empty hallways with only the echo of your own dragging footsteps . . . BUT NO MORE! It’s about to get hopping around here again!

Prepare for lots of IMPOSSIBLY TALENTED GUEST BLOGGERS here, starting next week, and running up to our launch in the Spring!

That’s right, you’ve guessed it: FIRST SECOND AUTHORS are posting here, unpublished, behind-the-scenes, sketches, doodles and what else I can’t say! And if you know who some of the folks working hard on :01 Graphic Novels are, then you know your visits to this humble little blog shall be richly rewarded.

In the meantime, a few more doodles from yours truly, and juicy news items too.

And special thanks Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter for ending the year with this friendly note:

Make Five Comics-Related Wishes for 2006.

1. More boutique publishers releasing big, noteworthy projects like Peter Maresca and Dan Nadel did in 2004.
2. More comic shops.
3. More variety — okay, any variety — in the Diamond Top 100.
4. Less news about undercapitalized, disorganized publishers unable to publish their comics.
5. A successful launch for First Second.

One Comment on “ THANKS ”

  • Kat Kan | January 7th, 2006 11:30 pm

    I totally agree with Tom Spurgeon! I’m hearing cool things about the catalog, that it’s making a difference with some school librarians – they’re actually going to buy some graphic novels! I wish you a successful launch at ALA Midwinter in a couple of weeks.

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