February 20, 2007
Posted by: Matthew Herzfeld
Categories: NICK ABADZIS, guest blogger


I just discovered this drawing again recently. This was done on a transatlantic flight from NYC to London a couple of years ago. This guy was a fellow passenger; I use the term ‘fellow’ loosely as there wasn’t a hint of fellowship about him. He made the in-flight attendants’ lives hell. He pretended he didn’t speak a word of English (unless it suited him); at various times in the flight he pretended to be ill; he threw fits when the attendants refused to serve him alcohol; he refused to stow his table on take-off and landing which led to further confrontations with the cabin crew; he moaned about everything and generally behaved like a three-year old. Except most three-year olds are better behaved.

At the end of the flight the dude stood up forgetting that he’d unbuckled his pants while napping and they fell straight down around his ankles. Not a pretty sight, but everyone just erupted laughing. He was so pissed off with himself.

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