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Some of you ask who is behind FIRST SECOND… If you’ve been wandering around this website, you’ve met me, and Simon Boughton and Lauren Wohl at the FAQ page… Let’s continue then, and introduce some of the teammates… KAT KOPIT “Signals Office” Kat came onboard as an editorial assistant, and has become invaluable, as many Read the Rest…

photo by Matthew Sandager

Photo by Gene Yang

Photo by Kevin Church

Origins of American Born Chinese – part 2 The second storyline in American Born Chinese follows the trials and tribulations of Jin Wang, a Chinese-American boy growing up in a white suburb: Jin’s story is based on my own, but there are significant differences. First, I didn’t really look like him when I was a Read the Rest…

Origins of American Born Chinese – part 1 American Born Chinese, my latest graphic novel, consists of three distinct storylines. The first retells the story of the Monkey King, an ancient Chinese folk hero who is ubiquitous in Asia. Here’s my version: And here’s a more classic rendition: The Monkey King first came into public Read the Rest…


(click to enlarge) The Tank

The Patriot

The Hussar