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TANYA McKINNON “Miracle Gro” Tanya is a fellow gardener. First Second’s vision needs an editor like Tanya to become reality. She coaches, cajoles, encourages, thrashes and nurtures like no other. Several creators swear by her and show her first anything they ever write.

GINA GAGLIANO “Buzz Maker” As :01’s Marketing Associate, Gina works with Lauren to make sure you know about us. And if there’s a comic Gina’s never heard of, then it probably doesn’t exist.

DANICA NOVGORODOFF Art & Design Adventures Danica actually wore that red cape when she won the Isotope Award for her mini-comic A LATE FREEZE. When she isn’t working on her own projects, she’s busy designing a zillion things for :01, including some of our best covers.

Some of you ask who is behind FIRST SECOND… If you’ve been wandering around this website, you’ve met me, and Simon Boughton and Lauren Wohl at the FAQ page… Let’s continue then, and introduce some of the teammates… KAT KOPIT “Signals Office” Kat came onboard as an editorial assistant, and has become invaluable, as many Read the Rest…

AMERICAN BORN CHINESE made it to YALSA’s TOP TEN Best Books of the Year for Young Adults! American Born Chinese, Kampung Boy, and Deogratias all made the larger ALA list of Best Books.

Several mentions of ABC, winner of the Printz Award, in mainstream media: 1. USA Today (print edition)—Life section; mention in larger piece on awards 2. Seattle Post Intelligencer—mention in larger piece on awards 3. Washington Post—feature

Yay! That classy Jessa Crispin of BOOKLSUT, has our first Eddie Campbell mention for 2007: The book I’m most excited about in 2007 is Eddie Campbell’s Black Diamond Detective Agency . As I have said a billion times before, Campbell’s Fate of the Artist was one of my favorite books of last year. And I Read the Rest…

This just in from the American Library Association Midwinter conference: AMERICAN BORN CHINESE IS THE FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL TO WIN THE PRINTZ AWARD. More about it all soon! Congratulations, Gene!