January 11, 2013
Posted by: Calista Brill
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Standing up in defense of fanworks and remix culture at this point is sort of like saying, “OMG, I actually think geeky boys are kinda cute!” — yes, we know, we all know, we’ve all known for some time. Geeks are cool, and media fandom is, if not exactly cool, then at least socially acceptable in a way it wasn’t until relatively recently. (Although I run in super nerdy circles so I might have a somewhat skewed outlook here.)

But even if fan art doesn’t need me to defend it, I can still wax enthusiastic about it, with visual aids provided on request from some awesome First Second artists!

Fan art is a great way to study character design.


(Wilykit by Zack Giallongo!)


Fan art brings us together in our shared love of cultural icons.


(Bizarro by George O’Connor!)


Fan art gives artists an opportunity to put their stamp on something big – to tap into shared myths and ideals. It lets us explore new and interesting interpretations of these characters and worlds.


(Wonder Woman by Ben Hatke!)


Fan art lets us express our UNDYING LOVE for characters and worlds – to do tribute to our favorite stories.


(Fan comic about Avatar and Korra by Faith Erin Hicks!)


Fan art is funny.


(Ron Weasley fan comic by Dave Roman!)


Fan art is touching.


(Fullmetal Alchemist fan art by Faith Erin Hicks!)


Fan art is surprising.


(Gravity Falls bunnies by Tony Cliff!)


Fan art is FUN TO MAKE.


(Samwell Tarly from A Song of Ice and Fire, by Vera Brosgol)



Fan art is fun to look at! Even (especially?) for editors! Looking at a cartoonist’s fan art is a great way for someone like me (an editor) to get a sense of the artist’s range and imagination.

Who are your favorite fan artists? Seriously, we want to know!

One Comment on “ In Praise of Fan Art ”

  • Everett | January 11th, 2013 2:15 pm

    Bill Mudroon! Gotta be the best fan artist out there. Look at his eye-popping Book-of-Kells-style Game of Thrones fan art: http://mudron.bigcartel.com/product/winter-is-coming. Then look at everything else he’s ever done, twice.

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