May 12, 2008
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Weather in New York today is overcast and drippy, the perfect weather for the daytime vampire. 

I’d never heard of Christopher Golden before Little Willow wrote me about how awesome his vampire novels are, but now I want to go out and read them!  She’s put together a piece about his work, and — as a bonus — begun a three-part interview with him. "You never know what he’ll create," says Little Willow, "but you know it’s going to be good."

Kelly at Big A little writes a pull-quote-tastic review of Little Vampire.  Says Kelly, "Each page and every panel gives the child reader something to think about, something to laugh at, an adventure to follow."

Jeff VanderMeer over at Ecstatic Fiction asks his readers, "Vampire fiction is one of the most mined-out, debased subgenres in
horror. But like any form, it has its dangerous, edgy, and experimental
incarnation. Eschewing the ordinary, what’s the strangest, weirdest,
craziest vampire fiction, in book or short story form, that you’ve ever
read–and why?"  One of the comments mentions Suzy McKee Charnas’ The Vampire Tapestry, which makes my list of bizarre vampire novels — the vampire is an aeons-old anthropology professor who sucks peoples’ blood through a stinger on the bottom of his tongue.  (Tor is re-issuing this book this August, if you’re become wildly curious.)

And Jeff also talks about James Howe’s Bunnicula over at Omnivoracious Reader.  Vampire bunnies for kids are clearly one of humankind’s best imaginative creations. 

Plus!  NYMag likes Life Sucks!

3 Comments on “ SuperPlus Vampires ”

  • Little Willow | May 13th, 2008 8:25 pm

    Thanks for inviting me to the blog tour party! Let me know what you think of Golden’s books.

  • Darryl Hughes | May 21st, 2008 10:33 am

    I don’t know. The whole “vampire thing” is just beyond me. And the whole necro-sexual vampire romance thing? UGH!
    I do think vampires are running their course. As mentioned in the article they’ve been “mined out” as a creature of the night. I like the psychology of the “sub conscious baser human nature” element to werewolves. They deserve their due next.
    Darryl Hughes
    “G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures”

  • bibi | January 7th, 2010 1:52 pm

    you’re so rich.. so, i ca’nt by tools like you have 🙁

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