August 25, 2010
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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Aaron Renier called us the other week to say that he was putting up a window display at Quimby's.  This was excellent on many fronts, because Quimby's!  Window displays!  (For those of you without the implicit knowledge to understand the excitement of those exclamation marks, they can by translated as [esteemed and popular comics store]! [exciting marketing tool that is also gorgeous, fun, and immediately reaches a large number of people]!)

I think window displays are just awesome.  (This is my current favorite.)  So when Aaron said he was making one of his own, I was super-excited. 

Now it's officially up!  And there are pictures (courtesy of Nate Beaty). 


("What do we have here?," says the casual passerbyer.  "Is that a pirate ship in the window?")


(It is.)



(Extra bonus boints for the glowing, light-up merwitch eyes!)


(the artist at work)

For even more pictures, go here

(Aaron's first book with us, The Unsinkable Walker Bean, has just come out, and the window display is based on it.  The book is lovely, and you should consider purchasing a copy.)

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