August 19, 2010
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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Zombies are just one of my least favorite supernatural creatures ever — I know that they're supposed to represent the triumph of the id and also the otherness that people feel to the vast enormity of the world/culture today, but give me a nice, evil, intelligent, strategically thinking (non-sparkly, please) vampire or fallen angel who's got a brain and supernatural powers to augment it any day.

That said!  We have a book that came out a week and a half ago called Brain Camp, and it takes the other side of this fear-of-zombies thing.  It's not so much about avoiding the not-very-swift-running zombies as it is the fear of zombieism, that what makes you yourself will be taken away by powers/circumstances beyond your control.

Also there is summer camp, which is just terrifying in and of itself.

The art is done by the most excellent Faith Erin Hicks, who's just sent along official (read: zombie-esque) portraits of herself and Brain Camp's co-authors, Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan. 


Don't you want to have them come visit your schools and/or library?  They will promise to keep their eating-of-brains to a minimum. 

Do you really need all those students?

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