Hey guys!

We're putting out some books in this coming spring!  It's always exciting for us to put out new books, because we spend an average of three years working on something before you see it — before it gets any public feedback — and at the point when the book is done and at the printer, it's difficult to contain our anticipation.  Because: the books are ready!  We just have to get them out there so you can be as excited about them as we are!


(this photo of the spring-to-come is from the US National Archives)

So: we have a spring catalog.  It's full of books, and they are all lovely and anticipation-worthy.  You should check them out!

And here's my every-seasonal offer: if you're a teacher or a librarian or a bookseller or a media person who needs to have additional information, review copies, etc., then you should get in touch with me and let me know, so I can get you the things you need.  I'm at gina.gagliano@firstsecondbooks.com. 

Happy spring!

(just fyi: it is even more exciting than usual to write about how spring is coming when we are having our weekly snowstorm outside.)