You guys, new book!

We just got in advance copies of Matt Kindt’s Red Handed.  They look amazing!  We did a small ‘this-book-looks-amazing’ dance and then scampered off to write this post about how neat these look.

So, pictures (clearly the important bit)!

Here’s the cover!  How many crimes can you see in process?  It’s like a Highlights find-the-hidden-picture game!

We sometimes use spot gloss on our covers, and it came out very fine on this book, which you can kind of even see in this picture!  The title has some great spot gloss highlights, and the cover also has thin spot gloss horizontal lines indicating the glass window of the diner that they’re in.  It looks super-good!

Here’s the cover again, from the side — this book has a middle as well as just a front!  It looks great.  (In the background: kittens, because that’s just how my desk is.)

The spine of this book looks really wonderful.  The colors go so well together.

Here’s a picture of the stack of copies that’s on my shelf.  They look so good!  Clearly you should consider buying at least ten copies of this just so you can line them up.  That is the best plan.

And here’s the back cover — with a great Junot Diaz quote.  Also there’s death in the coffee cup — yay that!  I would like death in my coffee cup (but not really to drink it).