I was going through my files this morning and I found the following quote from the most excellent Jhonen Vasquez, who apparently sent it to us a few years ago. 

"The book is brilliant!  It's the kind of book that I used to love finding as a kid, something that I'd go back to again and again because it never fully answered my questions (which only made the experience better).  Something that makes you think while it makes you sick.  Lovely."

For anyone who knows Jhonen Vasquez's work (which includes the Invader Zim series, I Feel Sick, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and many more delightfully weird and twisted books), the fact that A.L.I.E.E.E.N. is his kind of book should speak for itself. 

For the rest of you, well.

The book starts out like this. 

Alien panel

In the next panel, eyes start getting gouged out.

Read it.  Seriously.