Today is the day of George O’Connor’s latest volume in the Olympians series, Ares: Bringer of War!

Are you a fan of the Trojan War?  I am a fan of the Trojan War!  After all, it has involvement of the gods, treachery, prophecy, violent and needless death, (probably unnecessarily) complicated hijinks, a giant (fake) horse, and several books of Greek epic poetry based on it!  Where can you go wrong with all that?

I was pretty excited to learn that in George O’Connor’s latest volume of the Olympians series, Ares, he takes on the story of the Trojan War . . . but tells is from the perspective of the gods, rather than the humans involved.  It’s an all-new way to learn about this classic war!  It’s the behind-the-scenes politics of an already pretty fraught and complicated war . . . which gives the whole thing a new dimension entirely.

If complicated political deific drama doesn’t do for you: this book includes lots of dudes getting stabbed and dying violently!  How can you resist?

Ares: Bringer of War is in stores today!  We recommend it to you.