Ball Peen Hammer isn't the typical First Second book.  The first review we got described this book as, "not for gentle readers," and gosh, that's an accurate description. 

The story that unfolds in this graphic novel is one of longing and despair and missed connections and death.  It's about people trying (and mostly failing) to live in a world that's falling apart. 

The writing's by Adam Rapp (an award-wining playwright whose young adult novel Punkzilla won a Printz Honor this year) and the art's by George O'Connor (who'll you'll recognize as the author of First Second's Journey Into Mohawk Country and Zeus: King of the Gods). 

It's not the most cheering book for the cold winter days we're having, but it's definitely worth a read. 

(Wait until you're in the mood to be depressed.)