Winter 2015!

That’s our next season coming up — January through April of next year.

And we’ve got books!

First up: Andi Watson’s charmingly spooky graphic novel Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula.  It’s love — and cooking — for the over-stressed denizens of the underworld!  Also, it’s adorable.


We’re delighted to have the next volume of George O’Connor’s Olympians series: Ares!  Comes complete with a Trojan War.  Just what you always wanted!


Jay Hosler’s Last of the Sandwalkers is a story about a civilization composed entirely of beetles . . . and how they deal with finding out the world’s a bit bigger than they’d thought.


The Adventures in Cartooning creators are making their first-ever picture book!  Featuring the knight and Edward the horse from Adventures in Cartooning, Sleepless Knight is the story of a camping trip . . . and a missing teddy bear!


We’re thrilled to be bringing the Last Man series to the US from France.  This first volume is called The Stranger; we’ll be publishing three of them a year.


We’re so pleased that James Kochalka is creating a sequel to his hilariously fun graphic novel The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza — this next one’s called The Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie.  It’s honestly the best kind of pie.


And last but by no means least — Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor.  Scott’s been working on this book for years and years, and we’re so glad to finally have it in print!


We’re excited about these upcoming titles!  Winter’s going to be a great season.

We already can’t wait!