May 6, 2013
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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New book!

Gene Luen Yang’s graphic novel Boxers & Saints is a diptych — a story told in two books.  And we have just gotten it into the office!


Here’s the cover of the box set.  All the type is on the spine!


And a side view of the spine.


Here’s a full-on view of the box set spine.  It is extremely attractive!


The top!  This is where we put information about what the book is about.


Here’s the back of the boxed set.


And a side view — you can see the spines of the two books in the box.


Here’s the full-on view of the book’s spines.  You will notice that they match!  Even the ampersand.


And the bottom!  This is where we put the logo.  And, you know, information like price and ISBN and stuff.


The boxed set emerges from the wrapping, like Venus from the foam of the sea. . . .

(This was a very dramatic moment for us, guys.)


And here’s the box with the two books peeking out the side!  Double-frown from our Saints protagonist!


And the reverse image — the backs of the books peeking out from the boxed set.  They’ve got some great quotes on them which you will be seeing pictorally soon!


And here’s the box without the books in it.  You can see that the cover image wraps around — and that the box is made of cardboard!


Here’s the cover image for the actual book of Boxers.  It’s like the box, but with more text!


And the back cover, with promised excellent quotes.


And the front flap, which has gods on it!


Here’s an early interior page from the book.


Here’s the cover of Saints — it’s like the box, but with more helpful text!


And the back cover.


Here’s the front flap from Saints.


Here’s an interior page from Saints.


Most of Saints is told in black and white, but it has some color highlights, indicating that the main character is having a religious vision.  Here’s one of those.

Boxers & Saints comes out in September.  It’s going to be really amazing, guys.

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