September 26, 2017
Posted by: Kiara Valdez
Categories: Books

Happy book birthday to The Dam Keeper by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi!

Based on the Oscar-nominated animated short film of the same name, The Dam Keeper is a lush, vibrantly drawn story about a young pig who is burdened with saving his village. Pig is the dam keeper: he maintains the ingenious machine that keeps the deadly black fog from invading his village. It’s a job he inherited from his father, who inexplicably ended his life by walking into the fog. Pig’s tireless efforts keep his neighbors safe, but few recognize his sacrifice—in fact, few aside from Fox and Hippo, know he even exists. Pick up this beautiful book to find out what happens when Pig and his friends decide to venture to the world on the other side of the dam!

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