Hey guys!

We're doing a give-away of the newly in-stores Lewis & Clark over at GoodReads.  In honor of our fifth anniversary, I'm going to put together an :01 give-away every month at their site, so check back for more enter-to-win free things!

Not sure about the awesomeness that is Lewis & Clark?  Here's what some other people have said about it — and if these quotes don't convince you to pick this book up, theny ou are very difficult to convince.

A wonderful introduction to one of the most important expeditions and one of the most dramatic stories in American history. — Ken Burns
Nick Bertozzi's comics do more than bring history to life: they reanimate these long dead souls and make them human again. I would buy this book just to see Thomas Jefferson tending the roses. But it's dark-locked Meriwether Lewis whom we truly see for the first time through Bertozzi's pen: brave, fallible, ambitious, funny, brilliant, crude, transcendently ambitious, tragically mad all at once. Bertozzi captures in pictures the epic grandeur and quiet desperation of the Lewis and Clark expedition as no dumb book of prose ever could. — John Hodgman