June 23, 2014
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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New book new book!

We just got in advanced copies of  our World War I trench poetry anthology, Above the Dreamless Dead!  It looks wonderful, and we’re very excited for it (and for the 100th anniversary of WWI that it’s commemorating.)


Here is the cover, created by the marvelous George Pratt.  It looks fantastic!

Bonus: USA Today cover quote!  How cool is that?


Here’s what the spine looks like.  It somehow manages to contain both the title and the subtitle!


Here’s a close-up on that soldier on the bottom.  Clearly soldiers are the best thing to put on the spines of books about wars, you guys.


And here’s a set of spines all in a row!  This book looks super good, you guys.


Because this book is a jacketed hardcover, it also has a case as well as a jacket.  That cover above is the jacket — here’s what’s underneath.


Isabelle Greenbeg’s art is really wonderful!

And here’s the case spine.  (The back, in case you were wondering, has more dead people.  This book, actually, is pretty full of dead people, in case that was a thing you were wondering about.  We felt like it wouldn’t really be fair to have a war without them.)


Here is the title page (and a glimpse at the front flap).


Because Above the Dreamless Dead is an anthology, it has a lot of parts that you won’t find in regular books — like a table of contents.  We generally skip those in our fiction and narrative non-fiction.


Also, there’s an introduction — just in case you’d never heard of trench poetry before.


Here’s a spread of Simon Gane adapting ‘Peace,’ by Rupert Brooke.


And another spread — Kevin Huizenga adapting ‘All the Hills and Vales Along,’ by Charles Sorley.


Then, at the end of the book, we’ve got another whole set of parts.  Here are notes about the poems (including a terminology guide for the non-British), with commentary from the cartoonists who adapted them.


Then there are bios for the poets.  (There are also bios for the cartoonists, but they basically look the same.)


Also, further reading!  In case you would like to know more about war poetry.


Here’s the inside back cover flap — with the contributor list (ie, lots of awesome people!) on the back cover flap.

ADD 11

And here’s the back cover.  Much war is occurring on it.


Above the Dreamless Dead is on sale in September.

4 Comments on “ New Book: Above the Dreamless Dead ”

  • Artie Moffa | June 27th, 2014 2:20 pm

    This book looks hauntingly, breathtakingly amazing. Thank you for including Edward Thomas; he’s the indispensable English poet of WWI.

    When can we preorder?

  • David Hitchcock | July 18th, 2014 4:49 am

    The book itself looks great Gina, very nice production values. Can’t waite to hold it. The newspaper where I work (Derby Telegraph) here in the UK would like to do an article on the book. Would it be possible to send me some images of the book open on my pages, a few would be great, thanks.


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