New book!

We just got in advance copies of Box Brown’s upcoming graphic novel biography, Andre the Giant.  It looks super!  This book is going to be great.


Here’s the cover of Andre the Giant.  It is possessed of some excellent blurbs!

You can’t see from this picture, but Andre and the ropes are all highlighted in Spot UV.


Back cover!  Also possessed of some more excellent blurbs, plus other things like art, ISBNs, etc.


Spine!  Every book needs one.  This one has got tiny Andre the Giant!


And here are the spines of Andre the Giant all lined up.  This looks great!  Possibly you need multiple copies for your bookshelf?


Here’s the inside front cover and flap.


Interiors!  Andre the Giant goes to the doctor for the very first time.


And here is a behind-the-scenes bit from ‘The Princess Bride’!


This book also has on its insides a lot of back matter!  Here’s a page of source notes — the book also has a glossary of wrestling terms and a bibliography.


Inside back cover and flap!  I love this author self-portrait of Box Brown.


Andre the Giant will be in stores in May.