We’re delighted to be publishing George O’Connor’s latest Olympians graphic novel, Apollo!  This is the story of the god of music, prophecy, and more.

Apollo is pictured on the cover here with the muses, obviously important to that whole music deity-ship.


We’re also publishing a hardcover edition of this graphic novel, as per usual!  It looks like this.


Does Apollo’s bow seem shiny?  That’s because it is!  The bow is printed in gold foil, and it looks fantastic.


And here’s the spine!


Here’s the inside front cover — complete with a ginormous family tree!  And the title page.


George’s superhero-y gods are back, and as dramatic as ever!


(Remind me never to get into an adventure with the Greek gods.  They don’t seem to be super-careful about mortals.)


The back cover has all the books so far!  This is the eighth volume of the series.  Four more to go!


Apollo will be in stores in January.  We can’t wait to share this book with you!