A few weeks ago, our designer did a post about the cover printing process for our upcoming graphic novel Astronaut Academy: Re-entry.  It was awesome and personally filled us with glee, because not only did it mean our book was going to have a shiny cover, it meant that we were going to get it some day very soon, as the cover was already printing.

That day is today!

So, here’s the best part of these photos: the gold foil cover is shiny enough that you can actually see a reflection of me taking a picture of the book in it.  Crazy, right?


Because the back cover has few images on it, you can see the reflection of me taking a picture of it even more clearly!  Plus there are some good quotes and fireball equipment on it too.


Here’s the spine — against the gold foil, the printing of the text (and the fireball — you can tell it’s a fireball at the top because it’s a ball and also on fire)  really pops excellently!


Here’s the title page — a really great, stand-out design.  This title page says, ‘this book takes place in outer space.’


Security bears are one of the most adorable parts of this book — and therefore one of my favorites!  Here’s an interior page that includes them.


And, fireball!  Parts of the plot of this book center around dangerously on-fire outer-space sports, and here is a picture!


The book concludes with a page explaining how Dave Roman’s creative process works.  If you buy this book, you too can be informed of this!


Astronaut Academy: Re-entry comes out in May.  It is going to be delightful.