We first published a hardcover edition of Arne Bellstorf’s graphic novel about The Beatles, before they became famous and were living the lives of poor starving musicians in Germany, Baby’s in Black, last spring.

Now we’re putting out a new paperback edition!

Here is the cover — redesigned from the initial hardcover edition.


And the back cover!  This features both Astrid Kirchherr and Arne Bellstorf’s drawings of some of her first photographs of The Beatles.


The spine!  It has a guitar.  And a camera.


See how good many of these books together would look on your shelf?


And here are some of the interiors from the book.  You can see why Bryan Lee O’Malley calls these “the cutest Beatles ever”!



Just for comparison — here’s the front and the back of the HC and the new PB of Baby’s in Black.  The hardcover is on the right; the paperback on the left.



The paperback edition of Baby’s in Black will be in stores in February.  We can’t wait!