May 14, 2015
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
Categories: Books

New book!  We’re delighted to have in the office the companion to Nursery Rhyme Comics and Fairy Tale Comics, our multi-author anthologies for kids edited by Chris Duffy!

It’s: Fable Comics!

We love this anthology series!  It’s so great — and a wonderful introduction to comics for a really young audience.

Here’s the cover — with a wonderful portrayal of the tortoise and the hare.


And the spine!


Here are a number of spines together — and you can see the tiny tortoise on them!


Endpapers!  With fable outtakes in the circles.


Here’s the title page (so great)!


‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,’ by Tom Gauld.  Each fable is short — just a few pages — but they pack a lot of awesomeness into that!


Here’s ‘The Lion and the Mouse’ by R. Sikoryak!


The inside back flap!  I love these dark blue endpapers.


And the back cover, with the full author list.


All three books together!  These are such marvelous anthologies — if you haven’t checked them out, you should!


Fable Comics will be in stores at the end of October.  You should add this one to your reading list!

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