We’re super-excited about our upcoming graphic novel anthology Fairy Tale Comics, which comes out in September.  It is full of wonderful fairy tales by wonderful authors, including (in book order):

Bobby London, Emily Carroll, Gilbert Hernandez, Vanessa Davis, Gigi D.G., Ramona Fradon, Jaime Hernandez, Luke Pearson, Brett Helquist, Joseph Lambert, Raina Telgemeier, Charise Mericle Harper, Graham Annable, Jillian Tamaki, Karl Kerschl, David Mazzucchelli, and Craig Thompson!  With editing by Chris Duffy.


Here’s the front cover, by Eleanor Davis.  Aw, isn’t it adorable?  The wolf has become friends with Little Red Riding Hood!  All because of comics!  Comics are so transformative, you guys.


And here’s the front cover again, on an angle.  It still looks good!  It is amazing the way these artists and designers make that happen.


And the back cover, with art by Raina Telgemeier (who is also in the book).  The back cover also includes: a list of what fairy tales people are adapting and illustrating!  Great quotes!


I took this picture as the sun set on this pile of copies of Fairy Tale Comics.  It is a heartwarmingly dramatic sight.


Here is that pile of books again, but closer.  The spine looks rad!  We like it extremely.  See how clear and easy to read it is!


My favorite part of the book (possibly) — the Spine Bears, from Goldilocks, adapted and illustrated by Graham Annable.  It’s so good, you guys.


Here’s the inside front cover and the front flap.


And the back flap, with a cut-out illustration from each book.


Title page!  Every book has got to have one, in this one a very attractive object with type made out of trees.


Here’s a sample interior spread, from Little Red Riding Hood, adapted and illustrated by Gigi D. Gi.


And here’s another — Baba Yaga, adapted and illustrated by Jillian Tamaki.  It’s gorgeous!


Fairy Tale Comics comes out at the end of September.  If you liked Nursery Rhymes at all, you should buy this one, too!  It has more magic!  More authors!  More fairy tales!  All good things!